Spare Parts, Machines and Production Means

EXSELLSOR supplies spare parts, technical components, machinery and production means for industrial installations and productions sites worldwide. Our procurement-  and logistic know-how helps our customers to keep their production running and to save cost and time. Plant components for water treatment, fluid- and gas handling from our product division „AKVOTEC“ are an additional product range.

AKVOTEC offers Services around division plant engineering and procurement of plant-components:

1. Components for water treatment plants
2. Components for Fluid and Gas Handling

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division plant engineering

Procurement Service Provider (P.S.P.)

Our roots go back into the classical export trade with technical equipment, machines and production equipment for the industry.

company Exsellsor GmbH in Hamburg City

Worldwide exchange

  • Western Europe / E.U.
  • Southern Europe
  • China
  • South Korea
  • Japan
  • South- East Asia
  • USA
logistic container shipping