Supply of a Boiler Water – and Steam Analysing and Sample Taking system for a crude oil refinery of elder design

Our task:

In connection with the sectional modernisation of the process analysing system in the elder refinery, we should propose a suitable vendor for boiler water- and steam alanysing systems.

The customer didn’t want to go through the original plant manufacturer  or any contractor in the refinery business, but wanted  to work directly  with a specialised equipment manufacturer for this very kind of analysing system as one specific section within the plant.

Our service:

Based on the original plant design scheme and  - description, we sourced and contacted  specialised equipment manufacturer. We gathered  first budget quotations, technical information and references. We carried out a pre-selection in consulation with our customer’s project team.

This was followed by a vendor’s  visit for a technical detail clarification at the customer’s site.

We obtained precise and final bids on behalf of the refinery and presented our evaluation. We supervised the contract negotiation, accompanied the whole contract procedure from the factory acceptance tests up to the delivery as well as installation and commissioning.


Precise and straight vendor selection, efficient project realisation within a close time frame, resp. short delivery deadline.