Transport + Logistic

Planning, organising, coordinating, operating

  • International movement of goods

  • Combined transports and logistic solutions

  • Courier consignments, special transports, transport by road, airfreight, seafreight

  • Cartons, cases, pallets, container, racks, heavy lift cargo

  • Hazardous goods

  • Worldwide collections ex factory or particular place of dispatch

  • Direct dispatch to the place of destination, also in transit

  • Warehousing

  • Collecting and consolidating of part-deliveries for disptach

  • Pre-shipment controls, repacking

  • Approved network of approved partners

  • Supplementary services for handling and realisation


In due time handling of transport and logistic tasks with us as your only counter-part

In detail:

We organise and coordinate individual, project and customer orientated transport- and logistic solutions within the international movement of goods. It begins with the collection at the factory place and continues with the consolidation of single part-deliveries at the warehouse, the despatch by either airfreight or seafreight to the final place of destination, on door-to-door basis. Just in time, reliable, cost effective. 

As the case may be, whether it concerns an urgent emergency procurement of a spare part of a few kilo, replacement parts or production materials in full container shipments, to be despatched either by  air- or seafreight, we work out a most optimal solution for every of those tasks.

For many of the transport- and logistic tasks to be solved, we can rely on an established network of specialised partners. For opening up of new procurement sources in the worldwide trade for our customers, we are permanently confronted with new transport- and logistic tasks, for which we find as well solutions in the context of our market research- and sourcing activities.

Our demand is to find the very specialist and not the generalist for each of the individual jobs as most adequate solution.

This refers not only to the goods to be conveyed and its handling or the means of transport, but specifically to the place of loading and the destination.

Our supplementary service offers the organisation of product checks, quality controls in connection with factory acceptance tests, load controls and sample testing as well as the provision of the respective documentation and certification. Furthermore, the customs declaration in compliance with the respective import- and export regulations.