Plant Engineering

Product Section: Fluid- and Gas Handling

Our focus lays on EMERSON FISHER Valve technology

  • Globe / Sliding-Stem Vales GX, EH, TBX, easy-e™, Baumann™

  • Rotary / Control Vales V..., 8... + 9... + A...-type series

  • Large ED/EWD and ET/EWT Valves NPS 12 through 30

  • HP Control Globe Valves, HPA Angle Valves and 657 and 667 Diaphram Actuators

  • FIELDVUE™ DVC6200 Digital Valve Controller

We support the procurement activities of engineering companies, plant operators, contractors and service providers within their international project business. These are projects related to water treatment- as well as fluid- and gas handling companies.

As your procurement partner we supply the complete EMERSON FISHER product portfolio. This portfolio comprises globe and control valves, actuators, digital control systems and spare parts.

Our product overview offers further information at a glance and check-out our YouTube-video.


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Big Drive And Gear Technology

Numerous successfully executed orders and satisfied customers worldwide in the below mentioned product sectors speak for themselves:

  • Big Drive Gear Technology
  • Complete Mill Drives for Cement Industry
  • Drives for Rotary Kilns and Drying Drums
  • Big Drive Gear Technology
  • Gear Boxes for Steel Industry
  • Complete Turbo Drives B20 AM20 ETU 40 and others
  • Gear Boxes for Agitator- Ventilator- Conveyor Drives
  • Gear and Drive Parts , like Gear Sets, Shaft Wheels, Sprockets, Pinions ,Spur Wheels, Geared Rings
  • Teethed Rims, Planet Carriers
  • Repair of Renk, SiemensFlender, Lufkin, Voith, Cemex, CMD Gear Boxes

Check-out our comprehensive solutions and our YouTube-Video on Big Drive And Gear Technology.

Product Section: Water Treatment

Our focus lays on reverse osmosis and filtration

  • Compact reverse osmosis units

    • Capacity range from 100 up to 25.000 liters per hour

  • Water filtration units

    • Pretreatment and posttreatment equipment

  • Mini Water Works

    • One bottle filter systems for all major contaminations

    • Using a unique composition of high class top professional filter media

We exclusively supply products manufactured by a specialised factory in Germany.