steel wire

Galvanised Steel Wire from China

We supply regularly galvanised steel wire as production material to an international active maker of electric cables. The application of the material in the production process is:

  • The amouring of medium voltage lines according production standard BS6346.

The applied wire diameters are:

  •  0.90 MM, 1.25 MM, 2.00 MM, 2.50 MM, 3.15 MM

Our task:

Sourcing of new supply sources to achieve a significant cost reduction by keeping the quality in accordance with the pre-set qualitity parameter and assuring high supply reliability.

Our service:

Market research and bid comparision from European and Non European suppliers.

The finding of the evaluation was that Chinese factories offered remarkable price advantages.

The evaluation and selection of most adequate factory was carried out under consideration of the ISO certfications. Product standards, product samples, production capacities, location and very important specific check up of references.

For the execution of the actual supplies, we have implemented pre-shipment inspections including laboratory sample testing carried out by independent inspection agencies. Moreover, we take care on the selection of the fastest and most reliable shipping line, respectively most optimal sailing schedule. In this case, our scope of service also includes the complete commercial and logistical order processing, communication and control of  the Chinese factory.


Cost saving of around 15% for the customer

In total 32 shipments executed for this customer to date.

Beside this product, we are also connected to qualified factories in China and other asian countries for:

  • Galvanised Steel Rope

  • Aluminium Rod

  • Aluminium Band

  • PVC

  • Antimonium Trioxid

  • D.O.P.